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Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture requires a separate study and a broader perspective to determine the relationship and position of its sub-brands. In a company with several different sub-brands, each of them follows its own, autonomous strategy in relation to that of the parent company, divided into monolithic and more autonomous. Brand Architecture gives the answer to where the investment should be focused on for the sub-brand company’s promotion.

Brand Positioning Research

Brand placement research examines the brand’s fundamental needs, making its communication with potential customers more direct. Through placement research, we study areas such as the brand's competitive advantage (Unique Selling Proposition-USP), its values and goals and its target audience. Brand placement research helps us determine the way of choosing the right market position for the brand.

Brand’s Values and Objectives

In addition to the quality of its products and services, a brand needs to reflect character, values and benefits. It should have deep knowledge of what it offers, where it is standing and where it wants to go. For this exact reason, the most important elements that need to be determined are the character, values and goals of the company, elements that will follow it and characterize it in the long run.

Market Research

Our goal for the company that addresses us is to successfully find its position in the market and to help it gain a high position in its field of competition. We research and evaluate both the market itself and the direct competition in order to properly guide and position our customer’s product.