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Product Communication

Packaging Design

Each product’s packaging is the way it is offered to the consumer. The packaging’s color, the label, the material it’s made from, its verbal elements, all play a significant role in whether it will succeed in catching the consumers’ attention based on his needs and aesthetics, in order to choose it among the rest competing products.

Label Design

A product’s label is often the main reason for its purchase. The label must highlight, simply and directly, not only the advantages and values of the product but also the aesthetics and design of the entire brand. With thorough research and systematic study, we conclude to the design of the final creative proposals which will be the final product’s "showcase".

Product Placement

The market research before the final stage of placing the product on the market is an extremely critical step, as it’s our way of understanding which its position among the competition will be. The next step is finding the right ways in which the product will be promoted and presented but also the appropriate ways to promote it, helping it to become immediately desirable and sought out for.