your brand, grand!
Visual Identity

The brand’s logo

Before the official creation of a company, market research is necessary, always in relation to the competition in its category. Both the creative proposals and the final design of the logo should refer to a unique brand, which reflects the strongest characteristics of the brand, exuding, at the same time, uniqueness and trust.

The brand’s Instructions

Each company needs specific instructions on how to manage and where to apply its brand identity. With us by our clients’ side, these clear instructions ensure its visual communication’s consistent and correct management.

Corporate communication

Corporate communication is defined as the brand’s both verbal and visual identity. Its definition is of significant importance, since corporate communication is the company’s first medium of communication, not only with its audience, but also with its partners. How the identity is applied in the stationery system (business cards, folders, letterheads, envelopes, etc.) is based on the study and design of the desired Company Profile.