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Communication Campaigns

Creative Communication

Each campaign’s creative design is based on a thrust, depending on the season, trends and media. Each thrust bears an important message that is repeated within the promotions above & below the line. We’d say they represent the brand’s and the product’s "voice", both through the TV and radio spots, as well as in any print or digital communication with the public. If the consumer public remembers the "voice", ie the campaign itself, and if we notice measurable increased product sales, then we can say that the campaign has been successful.

Political Communication

Political communication is a special communication form which, using its own language and rules, usually operates within a certain timeframe, in order to win the citizen’s vote. Examples of fields where there’s a need for political communication are campaign planning, press office support and organization, newsletters editing and design.


Events organization is an extremely complex subject, consisting of many different fields. The most fundamental of them is promoting the event both before and after it takes place, inviting the appropriate guests, the proper space configuration and the coordination of all partners for a successful event.