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Temple of the Epikourios Apollo

Τhe International Friends Association of the Temple of the Epikourios Apollo at Bassae

Corporate Identity Design / Invitation Design / Banners

The International Friends’ Association of the Apollo’s Temple in Vasses is a Non-Profit Organization with a vision of the international promotion, support, protection, maintenance and restoration of the monument and its surrounding area. Its goals are both creating a Study and Research Center and promoting the monument as one of the most important items of world cultural heritage.

The Association operates in collaboration with the International Arcadian Society, the Parrasio Cultural Heritage Park and the International Volunteer Society. All of its events are held in collaboration with the Greek National Commission for UNESCO.

Impressme - your brand grand supported the Association’s important vision, designing its identity and applying it to invitations and banners. The new identity’s official reference was made during the presentation ceremony of the "INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS’ ASSOCIATION OF THE APOLLO TEMPLE" at "Ilios Melathron" - Numismatic Museum of Athens, in the presence of the President of the Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos’s SA.