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Friends of Greek Culture

Friends of Greek Culture

Corporate Identity Design, Logo / Folder Design / Event Design (folder/invitation/rollup banners) / Participation - Speech in Event's Presentation

Friends of Greek Culture or FGC is a newly established urban non-profit organization, founded in November 2016, under the presidency of Ariadne Papaioannou. FGC has been a substantial initiative aiming to promote the Greek culture through key cultural collaborations, promotions and actions.

impressme’s team became a member of this new voice of culture from the very start. Our creative team designed FGC’s corporate identity, scoping to create something new, with deep roots the glorious past of Ancient Greece.

For the company’s logo we used the English initials of Friends of Greek Culture (FGC) to give a global dimension. In the phrase "Friends of Greek Culture" we chose to write the letter “E” in Greek font, because Greek culture retains its identity even in an international context. The asymmetrical design game refers to a curved ancient coin: worn out by time, but with inestimable value and inexhaustible wealth. The letter “F”, horizontal with a line at the top, resembles an ancient pillar or canopy. The color is bright, modern, incomparably classic and greek.

We also created the material of the open invitation event of Friends of Greek Culture to the public, which was crowned in absolute success.