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Alpha Biofarm - Goji Berry

Alpha Biofarm - Goji Berry

Corporate and Product Identity re-design / Stationery System, Mailing System Design / Web Design and Development

After a constant study on the field of superfoods and having singled out fresh Goji Berry as the No.1 superfood in the world in terms of nutritional and pharmaceutical value, businesswoman and nutritionist Tziogka Valia founded in the spring of 2013 the Alpha BioFarm LTD.

For the team of impressme - your brand grand this was a challenge for creating a distinctive and innovative combination of entrepreneurship with a completely new valuable product, the fruit of fresh goji berry.
We studied its visual identity and in cooperation with the company, we have defined the brand architecture and by predicting future needs, we designed the strategic placement of corporate and product image.
We redesigned the product identity, fresh goji berry, implementing it in the product packaging and consumers met it for the first time at Super Market AB Vassilopoulos Attica, in specific display boxes.
We redesigned its corporate website, www.alphabiofarm.gr , emphasizing in the presentation of the package of goji berry, introducing the bigger picture and the valuable health benefits of daily consumption to the consumers.
We designed the marking of company vehicles and we continue with the design of new corporate and product forms, covering the initial amount of communication needs.

Our cooperation with Ms. Tziogka Valia is a unique experience that challenges us with valuable knowledge in a very important area of ​​life, the one of daily diet. Our cooperation in the «fresh goji berry» was once again the cause to build another unique relationship of friendship based on mutual respect and beyond the typical limits of cooperation.