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Alpha Biofarm - Goji Berry

Alpha Biofarm - Goji Berry

Corporate and Product Identity re-design / Stationery System, Mailing System Design / Web Design and Development

During the spring of 2013 and after a thorough study on superfoods, Valia Tzioga, a businesswoman and dietitian, founded Alpha BioFarm Ltd. The fresh goji berry is the company’s protagonist, considered as the No.1 superfood in the world, both in terms of nutritional and medicinal value.

For the creative team of impressme - your brand grand, our collaboration with Alpha Biofarm was a challenge for creating an innovative business combination with a completely new product, the fresh goji berry’s precious fruit.

After carefully studying its image and in collaboration with its people, we determined the architectural aspect of the company's brand. Anticipating its future needs, we designed the strategic positioning of its corporate and product image, while redesigning its product identity and applying it to the final packaging. The consumers’ first interaction with the product was in the stores network of AB Vassilopoulos Super Market in Attica, in the special product display boxes.

We also redesigned the corporate site, www.alphabiofarm.gr, emphasizing the presentation of the goji berry’s package, preparing its overall image. Our goal was to create a special appearance on the market and to inform consumers about its various health benefits.

Last but not least, our creative team designed the corporate vehicles’ markings and continues to design the new corporate and product forms, covering the company’s communication needs.

Our collaboration with Alpha Biofarm and Ms. Zioga is a unique experience in an extremely important aspect of our lives, the healthy eating habits.