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Nikiforeios Dromos

Nikiforeios Dromos

Communication / Special Event's Promotion Presentation Design

Recognizing the importance of running, in 2014, the Sports Department of the Municipality of Rethymno organized the 1st route entitled "Nikiforios Dromos/ Victorious Route". With the Regional Unit of Rethymno’s support and in collaboration with the Cultural Associations of the Municipal Unit of Nikiforos Fokas, the EOS of Rethymno and the volunteers’ valuable support, everyone’s motivation in sports activities, regardless of age, was achieved. The route organization’s purpose was to highlight Rethymno’s rich hinterland, historicity and natural beauty through sports.

The 1st event’s success marked the establishment of a new institution of great significance for Rethymno, both in terms of promoting sports and highlighting its settlements’ natural wealth and residents’ potential.

Offering its services to the event, impressme - your brand grand served as a succor in Rethymno’s vision. We can’t better describe our cooperation with the Municipality of Rethymno and its collaborators than their own testimonial does:

"We’d like to thank impressme - your brand grand for the excellent cooperation and generous contribution, which, apart from its practical countermeasures, also contained an ethical dimension of the importance of a noble partnership, co-creation and selfless social contribution. The support your creative team offers contributed to the event’s success, guaranteeing its continuation. We wish your actions to continue inspiring people to make the world a better place and to always enjoy recognition, acceptance and appreciation. ”