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To Mortari

To Mortari

Corporate Identity Design / Logo Design / Product Catalog Design

The “Mortari” restaurant in Paros brings a new way of approaching dining, which responds to the concerns and moods of both visitors to this special place and its inhabitants; an approach that is beginning to become seriously visible here in Greece as well. The search for local culture through the offered nutrition directs us to quality raw materials and locally produced products from various places of Paros and Antiparos, as well as from the rest of Greece.

This search is the primary thought structure of the owner. This small but unique restaurant in Paros has its own personality that makes it different. With a deeply sentimental decor and a distinguished selection of products from the owners’ personal vegetable garden that provide extra value to everyday dishes, we could say Mortari is a chest full of hidden treasures.

Impressme-your brand, grand "christened" this special shop and designed the image of the corporate identity, emphasizing the uniqueness of the place, as well as the value of the culture and tradition of the island. We applied this design to a set of communication needs (stationery system, markings on promotional and utility materials of the store, etc.) designing also their product catalogue.