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Vironas Kathari Epilogi

Vironas Kathari Epilogi

Naming/ Political Identity Design, Logo / Stationery System, Stationery System, Mailing System Design / Party's Printed and Digital Communication Material Design / Office's Placemarks Design / Digital Presentation of Party's Positions Design / Party's Event / TVC / Web Design and Development / Communication

The Municipal Party "Vyronas Clean Choice", participated in the Vyronas’ Municipal Elections in 2010 and 2014 with Mr. Panagiotis Konsoulas as candidate for the Mayor.

Impressme - your brand grand named and designed the municipal party’s image "Vyronas Clean Choice", proceeding to the implementation of the integrated election campaign in both elections.

Our creative team undertook the party’s nomenclature, logo design, applications in printed communication (CVs and cards of the Mayor and Councilors, party position programs, Mayor's posters and messages, invitations to meetings, single page announcements), website design and development (www.konsoulas.gr), e-banners, speeches and events organization and audiovisual material’s creation. With its smart planning and strategy offered by impressme, the Municipal Party managed to inspire the candidates of the municipal group, communicating its positions and values to the citizens.