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Entexni Mousiki Sxoli

Entexni Mousiki Sxoli

Communication / Web Design and Development

Recognized by the State, Conservatory which for 30 years provides high quality training in classical, contemporary & traditional music.

In impressme - your brand grand, overcoming the need of the founders of Entexni Mousiki Sxoli to respond to an incredibly tight time limit of one week, we managed methodically, with daily contact and lots of fun, to welcome and organize a great number of material, both visual (pictures and video) and texts and created the corporate site of Entexni Mousiki Sxoli, www.entexni.gr.

Our work is about the design of a new corporate image of the School, with applications in both printed and on-line needs, which will soon be completed, with the creative responsibility of impressme - your brand grand’s team.