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Döner MOO

Döner MOO

Naming / Brand Architecture / Corporate Identity Design, Logo / Corporate Brochure Design / Package Design / Communication Design

Döner kebab, which means "spit turning" is the name of the meat mixture of lamb and ground beef. In its current form is found for the first time in the 19th century in Bursa. Today it is a favorite prepared food in the world and served as a sandwich in Turkish pie. The way of serving Döner with salad and sauce was created by Turkish immigrants in Berlin in 1971, to make the meal more "attractive" for German consumers. Since early 1980 the Döner is the most popular prepared food in Germany.

Statiras Export, a company supplying the Greek food market outlets with Döner kebab since 2013, addressed to impressme - your brand grand for the creation of a new product identity, aiming to the creation of a separate brand, focusing on younger audiences and on developing chain stores. We studied the product's image and in cooperation with the company, we determined the architecture of the brand's products in anticipation of future needs. Furthermore, we designed the strategic positioning of the corporate and product identity and we proceeded in creating proposals for the brand's implementation in communication needs.