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Sigma Security

Corporate Identity Redesign, Logo / Strategy, Implementation and Management Social Media / Website Restructuring & Implementation

Sigma Security was founded in 1977. Today, it is considered one of the biggest security system companies in Greece and one of the most innovative ones in Europe. Sigma Security’s faith in investment, research and design is what makes it as revolutionary, providing holistic, high tech and reliable solutions.

Sigma Security put its trust in impressme’s strategical creativity and assigned it the rebranding of its corporate image on its whole.

With a minimal depiction, but a maximum interpretation, the company’s new logo was carefully designed by impressme’s creative team to express Sigma Security’s important steps and innovations in the industry. The new logo was applied to the entirety of the company’s corporate communication.
impressme also created Sigma Security’s new motto, “Security First!” based on both the company’s priorities, as well as on the fundamental human needs.

Additionally, impressme’s team has planned and already manages the company’s social media creative strategy.

Under our collaboration, impressme already processes Sigma Security’s site rebranding, using modern tools for a user-friendly site, always in alignment with its new minimalistic image, communication and identity.


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Sigma Security