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Corporate Identity Design, Logo / Stationery System Design / Website Design / Promo Landing Page Design / Logo Support Greek Music / Google Ad Campaigns Creation

Since June 2020, EDEM has been the official Organization of Corporate Copyright Management in Greece, with Louka Katseli as the General Manager and Phoebos Delivorias as the president of the board.

The Music Beneficiaries Association was created in order to protect the ever since fragile copyright of the creators which, due to the unprecedented pandemic, is now more vulnerable than ever. This great need brought up the collaboration with impressme – your brand grand, which began with the logo design.

The logo was inspired by the fruity energy of cherries and adds a blissful note full of color and optimism to an organization such as EDEM that represents the power of music in our lives.

Full of rhythm and meaning, EDEM’s tagline “Get the music right” was an idea conceived by Mr. Delivorias.

impressme – your brand grand has “got the music right”!

impressme’s team designed the new corporate identity using a colorful palette while maintaining a minimalistic style, and applied it both to the stationary system, leaflets and stickers, as well as to promo landing pages and google campaign banners, aiming to make the collaboration between EDEM and the Central Union of Chambers known to the general public.

The final design emits power and light, ideally expressing EDEM’s own philosophy, always claiming the artists’ copyright with great passion and positive energy.

Additionally, our team has created the organization’s transitional website https://www.edemrights.gr/ , a tool of great importance in terms of the organization’s smooth operation. At this very moment, we are in the middle of designing and implementing its final form, something that will express and highlight all the beauties and fruits that EDEM’s heavenly garden has to offer.


Enforced by the unprecedented pandemic, EDEM also decided to launch SUPPORT GREEK MUSIC, an independent project of several different actions, aiming to the artists’ substantial and practical support as setting up a support fund.

Our team created the SUPPORT GREEK MUSIC logo in conjunction with EDEM’s primary one, which communicates the message of support with a strong, optimistic attitude. A logo distinguished by its musicality - designed to be “heard”!

Impressme’s great aim - especially in such tough times, is to collaborate with creative people, making their voices be heard as far and as loud as possible!


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