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Tzeranis Neuropsychiatric Clinic

Logo, Corporate Identity Design / Stationary System / Other Applications (Handbags, mugs etc.) / Website Design & Development

Tzeranis Neuropsychiatric Clinic was founded by Eleftherios Tzeranis in 1971, upon the vision of providing a better quality of life to people suffering from mental disorders, as well as to their families.

Today, it is considered an exemplar in its field, offering high quality services in both open and closed treatment, while its modern facilities emanate the serenity and tranquility necessary for the patients to be healed in.

impressme - your brand grand designed the new logo for PSYCHIS OMMA, which translates from ancient Greek as the “Eye of the Soul” and brings out the nature of the Clinic’s modus operandi.

We began by designing the logo and then proceeded to rebranding the corporate identity on its whole, using simple, geometrical lines. The circle, as the logo’s fundamental element, expresses the circle of people, the life cycle, the cycle of a specific life period, the services’ cycle; the complete circle that encloses something, protecting it. At the same time, the carefully chosen shades of blue emanate the feelings of trust, prestige, stability and peacefulness.

We also applied the elements of the corporate identity on pens, handbags and mugs, to be given as promotional gifts to PSYCHISOMMA’s affiliates and friends.

Finally yet importantly, we created the Clinic’s website in the same direction, while adding all the necessary tools ensuring user-friendliness.

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