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Jet Oil

Corporate Identity Expansion / Mail System Design / New Services Logo / Corporate and Product Document Design / Shop’s Outdoor & Indoor Signage Design / Digital Presentation for Services Promotion Design

Constantly aiming to develop and modernize, Jet Oil Industries decided to proceed with upgrading its facilities from simple filling stations to a pleasant everyday experience. For the optimum implementation of such a vision, the company assigned this task to impressme’s experienced creative team.

After studying and understanding Jet Oil’s great significance to our everyday lives, the task was both challenging and creative; while maintaining the style and aesthetics of its existing identity, we had to provide the stations with new, fresh designs and character. Using modern patterns and lines, unique colors and finest designs, our team managed to afford a new image to the pit stops. Based on a luminous green and white color, the stations now reflect a new, refreshed energy, turning each visit into a unique experience.

Under this communication strategy, our creative team also designed some new promotional material for both the central heating options offered by Jet Oil and for its car wash department, for which we even proceeded to create a separate logo, "Jet Bubbles" that will accompany any future applications.

Now, one can not only fill up on gas, but also in spirits, while at the same time travelling more pleasantly, safer and farther.

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