Dimitris Lachnidakis
Greek Republic / Region of Crete / Municipality of Rethymnon:
"Dear Mr. Daoularis George, the success of our 1st ever organization of the «Nikiforeios Dromos» in April 2014, marks the establishment of a new term for Rethymno with multiple meanings for all of us, in the level of sports promotion as well as promoting the natural wealth and humanitarian potential of our Municipality’s settlements.The perfect cooperation and the selfless participation of all who contributed to this effort, shows once again the optimistic approach, that albeit the circumstances are difficult, volunteering and giving continue to flourish and provide our community with a sense of togetherness and a spirit of solidarity.Without a doubt, you belong to those who give status to this approach. The assistance you provided to this event, together with your creative team, greatly contributed to its success and reassured its continuation. We thank you and the team of impressme - your brand grand for the perfect cooperation and generous contribution, which, apart from the practical impact, also had an ethical dimension, the meaning of noble partnership, the co-creation and selfless giving to the community. We wish that your actions continue to inspire people for a better world and always bring you recognition, acceptance and appreciation from their receivers."Dimitris Lachnidakis- City Councillor at Rethymno City - Representative for Sports issues