Popi Strovolidi
To be honest, there had already been many suggestions from friends and colleagues. «They will create a website exactly the way you want it». That is what everyone reassured us for, so we were confident enough to arrange a first meeting with the team of impressme. However as we were heading to their office, a phrase that was quoted on one of my teenage years t-shirts came to my mind: «I don’t know what I want and I won’t be happy until I get it». It fitted me well at the time. I really didn’t have any propositions to make in my mind. But they did. After a targeted «interrogation» they did to us, they gave their own proposition and quite soon, step by step, they managed to make it reality having taken into account all of the parameters, subjective or objective. Responsibly and coordinated. Like professionals. When I saw the result of their work I decided that it fit our own aesthetics perfectly, the language they used as well as the image they used as tools. I want to congratulate them and thank them. Very much. Also something more I wish to say: If I had the valuable knowledge and experience of impressme - your brand grand and I was able to create my own website, this is how I would have created. Exactly like this.Popi Strovolidi- Communication Officer at Entexni Mousiki Sxoli