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Aeroclub of Western Greece (AWG)

Aeroclub of Western Greece (AWG)

Corporate Identity and Logo Design / Stationery System, Mailing System Design / P.O.P. Materials / Digital Presentation for Sponsors Design / Web Design and Development

In 2011, the Municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas granted to the Air Sports Union AWG (Aeroclub of Western Greece) a large municipal area in Agia Paraskevi, Arta, for the construction of an airport. Two years later, the project was subsidized by the region of Epirus, resulting to its completion in 2014, by the contribution of the region of Epirus, the assistance of the TERNA construction company and the funding from the Board. of AWG.

The new Arachthos Airport was licensed under the name “Captain (I) Balatsoukas Anastasios”, honoring the pilot from the city of Arta who lost his life in an aircrafts collision upon an ordered mission.

AWG’s purpose is to develop the idea of aviation through educational flights for obtaining pilot permits, the familiarization of citizens with piloting as well as the development of aviation tourism in the surrounding area with leisure flights throughout Greece.

Impressme -your brand grand- supported with enthusiasm the vision of AWG. Developed the identity of the company, designing its logo and applying it to its printed and digital needs. Furthermore, Impressme redesigned and technically implemented AWG’s website, www.airclubartas.gr, taking into consideration all its special services for the proper promotion of its activities.